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Soft White Interior Wall Board Fire Rated Cladding Panel 2785 x 600 x 10mm

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Product Description

Soft White Bedroom Kitchen Wall Cladding Decorative Panel
FIRE RATED 2785 x 600 x 10 mm

  • New/unused
  • Easy & fast installation
  • Size: 2785 x 600 x 10 mm
  • Joint-free system
  • Scratch & UV resistant
  • Hygienic and splash-proof


ClicWall is UNILIN’s revolutionary wall-cladding system using patented Uniclic® technology, famous for QuickStep in the UNILIN Flooring Division.

The panels swiftly and easily click into each other, making ClicWall up to 5 times faster than more traditional wall-cladding systems such as plasterboard.

In addition, a virtually seamless result is obtained and the wall is finished immediately and durably. ClicWall combines unrivalled ease of installation with contemporary aesthetics thanks to a wide range of decors and accessories.

Would you like to finish ClicWall entirely to your choice? This is perfectly possible with ClicWall Deco. Based on the existing version of ClicWall, ClicWall Deco comes with a paint-grade layer, allowing you to finish your panels using paint, textile sheet, wallpaper and even digital print!

ClicWall is available with a 1-hour fire resistance (EI60). This specific set-up with fire-retardant ClicWall panels (ClicWall FR) is supported by a European certificate and meets the most stringent fire-safety requirement. The fire reaction of the individual ClicWall FR panels achieves Euro Class B-s2,d0. The same set-up guarantees an acoustic value of 52 dB.

Advantages of ClicWall:

Easy & fast installation
ClicWall is equipped with the unique and worldwide-patented Uniclic® system which makes the panels very easy to hook into each other and click together. Moreover, after installation the panels do not have to be finished and no time is lost with pointing or sanding.

Joint-free system
The joints between the panels are made almost invisible by the patented Uniclic® system for an aesthetically perfect result.

Scratch & UV resistant
The MDF panels have a robust, scratch-resistant melamine layer on both sides and are UV resistant, so the panels retain their colour and continue to look like new.

Hygienic and splash-proof
The ClicWall surface is extra hygienic because dirt adheres to it less easily and because of its washable top layer. The melamine layer protects the panels and makes them splash-proof.

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